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Contact numbers:
For group tour information or to schedule a tour, contact:
John Nebel 814-623-8850

For press release and media information, contact
Patricia Morgart 814-847-2737

For museum volunteer and open house information, contact:
Cathy Clark 814-652-0097

For Everett history information, contact:
Barbara Miller 814-652-5258
Find Us:

Bloody Run Historical Society
Everett Train Station
49 West 5th Street
Everett PA 15537

Mailing Address:
Bloody Run Historical Society
Post Office Box 116..
Everett , PA. 15537

In 1852 the Huntingdon and Broad Top Mountain Railroad was chartered and built to bring coal, timber and other commodities as well as passengers to this bustling industrial town then known as Bloody Run. Behold the architectural beauty of 100 year old railroad depots! Take yourself back to the age of steam when you see our century old 100 ton locomotive and tender!  Browse through an extensive collection of artifacts and photos from Everett’s past.
There are still some Ott Postcard Books available.
They can be purchased at the Everett Free Library, Berneice's, or at the Station Museum (open every Saturday from April to November)

Order your Ott Post Card Book: $25.00 plus 3.00 shipping
Bloody Run Historical Society
Post Office Box 116
Everett , PA. 15537

The Museum will be open every Saturday,  
11 AM to 4 PM.

June 5
Meeting at the Station Museum, at 6 P.M.

June 18
Adam Smith from Schellsburg will do a presentation on blacksmithing